Diaspora Giving: Vietnam

by Estrella D. Truong thi Kim Chuyen, Ivan Small & Diep Vuong
This paper aims to complement existing studies of diaspora philanthropy in Asia with new primary research on giving to Vietnam. The paper provides a broad overview of diaspora philanthropy and giving practices emerging among various segments of Vietnam’s 3.2 million global diaspora. However, given that the phenomenon of collective giving tends to become stronger over time as diaspora communities become successful in their countries of resettlement, focus is given to diaspora philanthropy coming from communities in the United States, where resettlement processes have been going on for over 30 years and where nearly half the Vietnamese diaspora resides. The paper examines a range of Vietnamese diaspora philanthropy projects and collaborative efforts.

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Diaspora Giving: Philippines

by Estrella D. Añonuevo and Augustus T. Añonuevo
This paper aims to: 1) discuss the current practices of Filipino diaspora philanthropy; 2) high- light some best practices in strategic giv- ing; 3) assess the current environment for diaspora giving, and 4) pinpoint challenges and offer recommendations to realize the development potential of Filipino diaspora philanthropy.

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Diaspora Giving: Pakistan

by Zubair K. Bhatti
This study explores remittances, charitable giving, and – in particular – charitable giving that aims to foster sustainable development in pakistan.

  • The first section provides an overview of the pakistani diaspora, including their migration and settlement patterns, their economic and social features, and the remittances returned to pakistan.
  • The second section explores giving patterns of diaspora communities, and highlights the complex mosaic that influences these practices.
  • The third section investigates the effectiveness of existing giving patterns and explores the pronounced trend towards more strategic philanthropy.
  • The fourth section focuses on the legal and policy issues affecting overseas charitable contributions.
  • The final section suggests opportunities for various players — NGOs, intermediary organizations, and government – to increase the volume and effectiveness of pakistani diaspora philanthropy.

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Diaspora Giving: Indonesia

by Dede Rusdiana & Zaim Saidi
This paper attempts to shed some light on the important phenomenon of diaspora philanthropy to Indonesia. The study first explains the circumstances under which indonesian people have migrated and diaspora philanthropy has emerged. second, it explores the motivations, practices, amounts and targets of this diaspora philanthropy and explores how philanthropic efforts are most often directed towards immigrants’ hometowns. Subsequent sections examine the policy environment for diaspora philanthropy and offer preliminary recommendations to increase the volume and impact of diaspora philanthropy aimed at true social change. A case study on Pos Keadilan Peduli Umat (PKPU), providing more comprehensive insights into diaspora philanthropy in Indonesia, is included in the Appendix.

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Diaspora Giving: India

by Shyamala Shiveshwarkar
This paper examines diaspora giving – charitable giving from individuals who reside outside of their homeland back to their countries of origin -among the complex Indian diaspora. It reviews the historic patterns and profile of indian migration, explores the scope and scale of current giving, and looks at the beneficiaries and impact of charitable transfers. it reflects on whether diaspora philanthropy has shifted from an ad hoc to a more strategic practice contributing to sustained social change, and high- lights several examples of strategic giving. It assesses the roles of government and of civil society in strengthening and supporting diaspora philanthropy, and concludes with recommendations to further strengthen and support strategic giving from india’s vast and accomplished diaspora.

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